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Divorce: Fathers' Rights

Sometimes divorce litigation can be a lengthy and arduous process. Do you find yourself at the start of a child support, custody, or paternity suite battle? Has the case against you developed into false accusations about your ability as a father?

A growing movement in the United States is focused on expanding and solidifying the rights of fathers. The best bet for a father who might see problems in the not-to-distant-future, is to formulate a plan immediately in order to build a strong defense. Having a solid support for a father’s case could be the difference between having custody and only seeing a child once or twice a month.

Choosing a lawyer is a big step in the divorce litigation process. Research must be done to find a lawyer who has fathers’ rights experience. Before the trial begins the father may want to close all joint accounts and credit cards linked between him and his wife. In addition, the father may choose to move financial records in order to prevent his wife and her lawyer from accessing them.

Divorce procedures can often cause mental and emotional problems to children, it is recommended to talk truthfully to children. Inform them that they are not at fault and that the divorce is between their mother and father. Reassure and reinforce that you are not divorcing them.

It is important to keep detailed records of all events relevant to the case. Many fathers think that the court will look favorably upon their case if they voluntarily pay for things that are not covered by a court order. They are generally wrong; the court will not give a specific case any weight because of generosity.

The following are topics the lawyer should be working toward in the divorce process.

  • Seek a permanent residence for the children. An order that the children cannot be moved unless by court order or modification should be in place.
  • The children should not be picked up from their residence, coordination of a neutral location to pick up and drop off the children should be decided upon.
  • Visitation rights should be structured in order for a father to pick up his children on Friday from school and dropped off on Monday.
  • If a father encounters job loss or a reduction in payment a court order must be completed in order to reduce payments.

After the trial has ended and the divorce is final the father should make sure to follow common sense when dealing with his ex-wife. If you lose custody of the children, a visitation schedule needs to be set up. Fathers need to take it upon themselves to fulfill the scheduled visitation and to see their children on a regular basis.

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