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Divorce Laws in Oklahoma

If joint child custody is granted in Oklahoma, and the parents disagree as to the interpretation of the child custody order, the court may order arbitration. If a parent refuses to participate in arbitration he or she may lose joint custody rights.

Residency and jurisdiction in Oklahoma
At least one spouse must live, or be stationed by the military, in Oklahoma for at least six months prior to filing for divorce.

Fault or no fault and grounds for divorce in Oklahoma
Oklahoma grants fault and no fault divorce. No fault divorce will be granted on the ground of incompatibility.

Acceptable grounds for fault divorce are:

  • Abandonment for one year
  • Adultery
  • Impotence
  • Wife was pregnant by another man at the time of marriage
  • Extreme cruelty
  • Fraudulent marriage
  • Habitual alcohol abuse
  • Gross neglect of duty
  • Imprisonment for a felony
  • Insanity for five years

Division of property in Oklahoma
Oklahoma is an "equitable distribution" state meaning the property is not divided 50/50 but rather in a manner that the court deems fair to both parties. The court will divide joint property in a manner that it deems just and fair, taking into consideration any prenuptial agreement. Separate property of one spouse may be given to the other spouse if that spouse has child custody and the court feels the property is needed for support of the child.

Spousal support in Oklahoma
In Oklahoma spousal support may be awarded in the form of property or money. The court may order payment in a lump sum or in installments.

Support payments are not made directly to the receiving spouse. Payments must be made to the clerk of the court who then forwards the payments to the spouse.

Child custody and support in Oklahoma
When determining child custody, in Oklahoma, the primary concern is to ensure that the child maintains a close relationship with both parents. Parents are encouraged to share parenting responsibilities.

Oklahoma uses the Income Shares Model for calculating child support.

Like spousal support, child support payments, in Oklahoma, are not made directly to the receiving spouse. Payments must be made to the clerk of the court who then forwards the payments to the spouse.

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