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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Domestic Violence Victims Find Bravery Through Judicial System

Although there are still few reported cases of domestic violence in specific states, it is becoming increasingly more common nationwide for domestic abuse victims to prosecute their abusive spouses in the civil justice system. Men and women who have suffered from living with abusive spouses are often (especially in the case of men) submissive about their abuse, ashamed or afraid of the recoil society may have against them. Even though it takes a great deal of bravery to admit to have been battered by a wife or husband, many people feel as though they are exposing an awkward weakness about themselves, and so they never seek the justice they deserve. There is also a lingering fear that the spouse will continue to stalk the victim. Many cases of personal injury and domestic violence involve stalking through use of phone wires, video cameras, disrupting private property, and physical invasion of personal privacy. After the victim has been stripped of privacy, they often find it terrifying to attempt to gain help, thinking that the spouse may easily discover the move and attack before any real help is gained. Cases have also been found where a spouse will follow the victim to work or social events.

Despite all these terrifying odds, men and women are now stepping up against their oppressors in a slow mass horde. According to Jeffery R. Dion, the director of the National Crime Victim Bar Association in Washington, "Domestic violence victims are increasingly using the civil justice system to hold their perpetrators accountable.... If a batterer is arrested, the victim often loses a key source of financial support and may need medical help, counseling or to move." Hiring a divorce attorney to prevent these disasters may help a victim gain proper compensation from their abusive spouses to cover moving fees, financial support, child support, pain and suffering, and medical fees. Many men and women who face a domestic abuse case in court without a divorce attorney wind up having to survive in a much less habitable environment due to a lack of child support or medical fee compensation - they continue to feel the pain of the abuse, even after being brave enough to face their perpetrator.

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence or domestic abuse, call the police immediately. Be sure to locate a reliable divorce attorney to help prevent further damages - feel free to contact divorce lawyers in your area such as Palidori, Franklin, and Monahan, L.L.C. in Denver, Colorado.


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